Et lux in tenebrious lucent
— Latin of John 1.5

It means: “And Light, in the darkness, shineth.” Photography is recorded light and that is what I have always been in love with. Light that shines, light that allows me to record, light that sparks a memory and carries joy across years.

I have made it my personal goal to always give more than I take in every relationship. In my relationship with God, with my church, with my family and friends, with my employer, with my community and with my clients. This will not possible in many situations, but it is always worth striving for.

I am a newspaper photographer, first and foremost. Above all I value truth: that which is authentic, that which is real. But I am equally a poet and an artist who values beauty: the lines and forms that reflect the eternal. My photographic style is a direct result these two values.
Keats got it right, “Beauty is truth…”

When photographing either people or places my approach is the same. Look for the light. Let the light illuminate my subject. Approach quietly as to go unnoticed. Do not disturb. Faithfully record. Captured moments safeguard our memories.

The truth is life is beautiful and love is real. The Chinese have a proverb: “Each moment, only once.” It is a reminder that each moment matters. The moments of our lives are our stories. And the stories are there. Waiting. I think they want to be told. Seen. Captured. Held. Appreciated. The best part of being a photojournalist is the opportunity to share in so many powerful stories.

One additional note on philosophy: I am a “Shoot and Share” photographer. This is as opposed to an “IPS” photographer (In Person Sales). The important distinction between these two is in the rights a client has after the photos have been taken. As a Shoot and Share I will carefully curate the images into a collection that is it’s very best. All selected images are fully toned in color by me and some selected images may be toned in black and white. Clients receive high resolution digital files and will have the right to reprint all delivered images at whatever size they like, from whatever vendor they like. An IPS photographer sells reprints and clients have either no access or limited access to the files and must purchase (marked up) prints from the photographer.
IPS Photographers tend not to reveal or only partially reveal prices until a client has committed. 
Marked up example: A 4x6 print at mpix costs $0.29. The typical mark up on a 4x6 is $4-6. Advice within the IPS industry is to charge 3-4 times what the photograph costs. Therefore a 20x30 gallery wrap that costs me $150 would be marked up to between $450-600. Know what you get before you sign contracts.