• We are so happy with the photos Brenda did of our family…she made a chaotic shoot with 7 of us look amazing!
    — Kristy Geisler
  • Beautiful and good job, a great professional. I just found out the site and thank you for these beautiful photos.
    — Marie Ceris
  • Miss Brenda has magical powers. This is what I always tell her anytime I see her work. I asked Brenda to photograph my wedding day back in 2012. Since then, she had become a close friend of mine. Not only that, but she's photo documented my pregnancy, the birth of my daughter, and my friends' weddings. When someone needs a photographer, I always recommend and refer them to Brenda.
    — Echo Ham, bride
  • Beautiful and awesome are an understatement. Classic and amazing. What a talent.
    — Shirley Urango
I’m always amazed at how an exceptional photographer can choose and frame interesting shots, capturing emotion and connectivity between subjects, and at the same time, balance the lighting, focus, and everything else necessary for a great photograph. Seems like there are a hundred things to worry about. True artists make it look simple and linear, when in fact, it takes years of education and experience to pull it all together. And for some, it still doesn’t happen if the talent isn’t there to begin with...

Luckily, Brenda has it all: an amazing artist and an amazing person. When it’s time to select favorites of her photographs, it takes me forever to choose because one shot is better than the last. Some photographers capture images that are very hit and miss, but Brenda REPEATEDLY captures quality IN THE MOMENT and makes every single image shine. This is not an easy thing to do, and again, a testament to her exceptional artistry and skill.

I cannot recommend Brenda enough. Take a look at her photographs on this website. She is WORLD CLASS. I feel lucky to know her and be inspired by her work. Plus, she is very, very sweet and a dream come true to work with. You should hire her NOW.
— Johnny Boyd, singer
Sometimes in life you are blessed with meeting a spirit you know you have met before. A kind beautiful gift to this earth is Brenda Ahearn, not only as a truly gifted photographer, but as an honest, genuine person.
She went out of her way in her busy schedule to drive me to one of the most beautiful places on the planet and capture a place and a time that I will never forget for the rest of my life.

Words can’t express how grateful I am.
— Nicholas Ward, actor