Your chance to win a 20x30 canvas

Rainbow over Whitefish, Montana

Many of you know I am a tremendous fan of the work done by the people at DeliverFund. This is a group of former special forces guys who have finished serving in the armed forces and have dedicated themselves to going after sex traffickers in the United States. 

I am currently working with one of the co-founders (who happens to be a local) on a fundraiser that will help them to get operations up and going here in Montana. Details on that are still not nailed down, but for right now here is this sort of preview of coming attractions.

This Saturday, September 24th, I will have a table at the Taste of Home show in Kalispell. I am giving away three 11x14 prints as part of the door prizes for the event. No forms to fill out, nothing, just walk in the door, come say hi, and you are entered for those prints. But I am also giving away a 20x30 canvas of one of my favorite photos from this year. And I’ve decided to open this up to anyone, whether you can come to the show or not.

The photo above of a rainbow and storm clouds over Whitefish, Montana, looks so good on canvas I kind of want to keep it, but this is for a good cause, so…

If you will send a donation for DeliverFund in any amount to me at the Daily Inter Lake, then you’ll be entered to win. One last note, if you are not able to come to either the Taste of Home show or the Daily Inter Lake to pick it up, you’ll need to pay for shipping. 

Ok, if this image appeals to you:

1. Write a check for a donation of any amount to DeliverFund.

2. Mail it to Brenda Ahearn, Daily Inter Lake, 727 E. Idaho Street, Kalispell, MT 59901

3. The drawing will be held Saturday, September 24, at Taste of Home, so if you want to enter, get the check in the mail ASAP or drop it off at the Daily Inter Lake.

4. If you can’t come to the show to collect the photograph, you can either schedule a time to come get it at the Daily Inter Lake office, or if you are from outside this area you’ll need to pay for shipping.


Thank you for supporting this amazing group and the vital work they are doing.